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Holistic medicine refers to the therapy that takes care of your mind, body, and soul. It aims to achieve a balance among all the aspects of one's personality. Visit Absolute Rhythm Delight in Osoyoos to experience yourself all kinds of energy flowing freely and releasing all, as personal toxicity can stunt your personal growth and overall outlook. Contact me through my contact form today to book an appointment.

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I began my alternative medicine journey many years ago, and I've found over the years that balance, relaxation and a focus on natural remedies are the key to a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life. Complementary medicines like reiki, aromatherapy; Access Bars; homeopathy, crystal healing and aura cleansing can help you find the inner peace and tranquillity you're craving. Call today to start your journey to wellness with me, and let's navigate the landscape of health and happiness together.


Alternative medicine, much like mainstream medicine, takes many years to understand and practice. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner to guide you through the journey, then look no further. Understanding the practices is as important as undertaking them, and it's imperative that your guide has an innate understanding of each and every therapy you encounter. With my many years of experience and many happy clients, you can trust in me to provide a calm and nurturing environment every time.


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